Are YOU single? Are you ATTACHED? Are you HAPPY? 

Would you like to KNOW the IDEAL Lover for you?? Has a previous relationship SCARRED you?

Often times you will spend decades gallivanting from one lover to another. You will experience the One Night Stand, the Fling, the Reoccurring Love, the Commitment-Phobe, the Divorce, and the one you’re truly hoping for — the One. The great thing is learning through life experience can help you know what you DON’T want in your next relation. But the problem is many people stop at ‘the reoccurring love’ or ‘the -phobe’ only to never unite with ‘the One’. And usually people don’t HEAL in order to move along…

Isn’t it time you found out why you keep missing the One? 

The ONE is more obvious than many realize!

Save yourself years of heartache…. The Tarot and Astrology are proven tools to open your heart and mind to the Authentic Love that awaits.

Learn to HEAL from past relationships. Find ANSWERS to WHY your True Love hasn’t arrived.

The recipe for happiness is within you. With Tarot and Astrology together we will use ALCHEMY to concoct your True Love.

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In Love, Jessica Sage