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Full Moon in Scorpio


Today, April 28th 2010, we get to honor the Full Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is specifically known for being strong-willed, even vengeful, yet full of passion and sensuality.

There are several ways in which to harness the energies of trine-ing and secting planets and our moon within this time frame. Now is the time to express the creative nature that may lie dormant.

Security and fulfillment may be of importance and you possibly have been feeling a deep connection to wanting to feel stable. Scorpio being the intense water sign that it is, this may be an emotional time as well. Emotions can be a wonderful thing — as intuition is also heightened through this sign.

The planet Mercury has also been up to some sneaky business, as it’s been ‘traveling retrograde’ for a little over a week now. This can mean a lot of misunderstanding could arise. SO be sure to have patience — with others AND with yourself.

Planetary positions are said to play a role in human behavior so research the effects that these planets may have on your psyche in order to get the fullest benefit out of your month, week or day.

Personally, I’m taking the time to get intune with my sensual nature by pampering myself with music and flowers (in the Cherokee tradition this moon is actually called the Flower Moon!) I also LOVE washing and twisting my hair during a Full Moon. What do you think you could do to make this a wonderful experience? Learn to take the inherent powers of each planet to work for your complete benefit.

Selah                                Consciously Birthing 2010