Back in 2003 I awoke to my black domestic short-haired cat, Shadow, sitting on the family portrait that my mother, father, sis and I took earlier that year. I also was experiencing the most random chest pains. I proceeded to get ready for work and pushed the pain out of my mind.

The day was rainy, gloomy and …different. Normally, I would take my lunch break about mid-shift but on this particular day I decided upon a late lunch. I clocked out of my cubicle phone; that’s when my cell rang. It was my mother. She was in tears and almost hysterical. My father had passed sometime during the day in their home.  It was November Eleventh.

That number has stayed with me since, showing up in the oddest of circumstances. To some it’s just a number, to me it’s my experience.

My father’s transition on that auspicious numerological date catapulted my conscious awakening.


In 2007, I intuitively relocated to Arizona, further guiding my spiritual experience. During my year in AZ, I grew spiritually and it was painful (I resisted a lot), yet necessary! I had just read The Law of Attraction (by Esther and Jerry Hicks) and was living life with intent. I encountered some of the most authentic healers and psychics, forming wonderful co-creative relationships. I was manifesting EVERYTHING I desired. Wanted and unwanted.

I wear many, many hats. I am an Intuitive Healer & Artist. In other words an empath (sensitive). I feel people’s emotions, physical pains and sensations and usually thoughts, sometimes as if they were my own. My sister and I have always had a strong telepathic communication and as I’ve gotten older I’ve found the same bond with my lover, close friends, family and even strangers. I was aware at a very early age that I just ‘knew’ things — from guessing what Valentine’s candies my friend had in her bag to talking with my own Guides and Angels. However, I am not ALL knowing and do not claim prophecy, but I am very accurate in my readings and enjoy working with people who wish to evolve.

I am currently obtaining a degree in Early Childhood Development and becoming an Independent Certified Instructor with BABY SIGNS Incorporated. It is my lifelong desire to establish a learning center for children. The learning center will take a holistic approach to healing and learning through the Arts and Sciences. It will be a form of therapy for all children, especially those in need of redirecting negative energies. Considering children are usually more intuned with their innate abilities, I hope to focus on helping them hone their skills as well.

The learning center will be a non-profit so I expect it will take several years to obtain proper credentials, including 501(c)3 status. If you have any information you can provide me with or wish to partner with me in this venture please contact me.

In Love
– Jessica

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