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It’s FREE. It’s Tarot. It’s Back!!

For the past two years I’ve engaged in a little pro-bono service I like to call “Free Tarot Friday”. It has had an overwhelming positive response with intuitives and non-believers alike. During my pregnancy I scaled back and stopped the service (my fetus was not interested in The Tarot at all!).

But now that my lil guy is a bit more autonomous, I decided to jump back in the game of giving and treat you readers to a bit of FREE Tarot Friday!!

Are you new to the site? Well this is how it works…

Every Friday I give away FREE intuitive tarot readings to the first few individuals who contact me! The ONLY thing that’s required in your inquiry is your FIRST NAME, DATE and MONTH of birth and your question. That’s it!!

You can contact me via Facebook or email. The only stipulation is that requests are sent between 11am – 1pm CST ON FRIDAY!!!! If you are the recipient of a FREE reading you’ll be notified by email (or whatever medium you contact me by) before the end of the day.

Now… if you happen to miss the opportunity for a FREE reading but your question needs immediate answering just head over to the Tarot page, find the Tarot reading option that you’re most interested in and if you’re a first-timer receive 20% OFF (Fridays only) your reading!




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