It is our birthright to have divine physical, mental and spiritual wealth.


How Intuitive Tarot Guidance may help you 

  • Would you like to know why you’re not making ends meet?
  • Are you uncertain where your lovelife is headed?
  • Is there a life situation that requires prompt decision?

Intuitive Tarot Guidance is a form of divination I use to help people begin taking positive action in their lives. For instance, you may have an important decision to make. There may be multiple options (outcomes) available to you and you’re uncertain how to make a decision.

Instead of remaining stagnant, in a state of fear, an intuitive reading can give you the information you’re seeking. You can take action from a place of confidence and creativity.

Intuitive Tarot Guidance readings include

    • Intuitive interpretation
    • “Clearing”
    • Affirmation

3 Questions Via Phone, Email or IM — $38.00                        


Up to 8 Questions Via Phone, Email or IM — $77.00




Please allow up to 48hours for reading via email. If you need an answer sooner please contact me for a phone or IM reading. They can be done immediately.

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