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Going Green vs BEING GREEN!


Going Green has turned into a fad, BEING GREEN is a lifestyle. It’s about protecting, nurturing and maintaining our planet. Planting seeds, reaping harvests. Turning trash into treasures. Reuse, reduce, recycle everything that is consumed.

Now, although Consciously Birthing focuses primarily on Spiritual wellness, there’s a definite need for material/earthly well-being too. We can not possibly live on this plane of existence and only cater to our spiritual growth, there has to be a genuine interest in physical matters or else they can be taken away. Take notice of how neglected goods deteriorate — everything from our bodies to our gardens.  

Many Spiritual Journeyers will agree wholeheartedly with the idea of BEING GREEN. We have noticed ‘Green Living’ turning into a multi-million dollar corporation instead of a true concern for our planet. We can sense the utter disdain and suffering Earth is enduring in an effort to continuously provide, without our collective reciprocation. We can also sense the retaliation that could ensue if we proceed in this manner. How long would you endure misuse of yourself? It’s no wonder natural disasters are occurring more often than before.

Taking time to reuse, reduce and recycle can make the world of difference! Not only for the world, but also in your own heart. There’s a feeling that comes from caring for your individual world that carries over into a global concern. You’ll begin to take notice of certain areas in your home, neighborhood and eventually your city or state!

Consciously Birthing has HUGE Eco plans for 2010 and hopes that many of you will join us in our efforts. We’re starting off with baby steps: discarding litter wherever we may be, reusing and recycling the gallon jugs of distilled water we use daily for other household goodies and lastly, donating unused materials, clothes, food to neighbors.

Granted, these aren’t feats of grandeur but you’ve got to start SOMEWHERE!How can you make a change in your immediate space? Find out how! Because YOU can make a difference =) And that’s really all we need.. is for each and every one of us to make one.

For practical tips on how to effectively and efficiently Green your life check out Best Green Home Tips.

Love Earth           Consciously Birthing 2009


Spiritual Journeyer: Life’s detours, road blocks and forks can be misleading. Let intuition show you the way. I am an Intuitive Wellbeing Counselor. If Spirit nudges you to, contact me. It’s an honor to assist you on your journey.