Love is the Beauty of living. Everything

we Love is Beautiful. – Jessica Sage

How an AstroLogic Love Reading may help you

  • Would you like to know if he’s the one?
  • Are you apprehensive about falling for someone new?
  • Should you take a chance on loving her again?

How do I know this AstroLogic works? Because I have experienced it! My relationships weren’t always the healthiest and as I’ve grown, spiritually, the Universe has given me clues as to how to manifest ideal relationships. These clues have navigated me through one of the most tumultuous relationships of my life, proving to me everyday, the power of Thought.

AstroLogic Love Readings are a form of divination (foretelling) I use to help people access their love inquiries and choose the most favorable option. For example, you may be in a love triangle, torn between two lovers and unsure of which relationship would be more likely to last. Or maybe you’ve been single for a while and are ready to give love another go.

Why waste time? Instead of winging it or making a rash decision based on lust or fear alone, an AstroLogic Love Reading can look at both your astrological Sun and Moon signs, along your with Mars and Venus (love and sexuality based planets) coupled with the astrological Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus signs of your Lover(s) and see if it’s in your best interest to proceed or retreat!

AstroLogic Love Readings include

  • Zodiac analysis for all parties involved (Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus)
  • Forecast: Intuitive outcome based on current love situation(s)
  • Compatibility: Best potential partner match based on all your zodiac signs

AstroLogic Love Reading via Email $60.00


Due to increasing popularity, please allow 72hrs to receive AstroLogic Love Reading.

Due to extensive content included, AstroLogic Love Readings are only done by Email.


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