Item of the Week!


This week’s item is Cannabis sativa! A.K.A… HEMP!!

Derived from a cannabis plant, magically it is transformed to provide us with a plethora of everday uses. It is durable, edible, industrial, usable!! So why are we still using petro??

Now, there is a considerable difference between Cannabis sativa (industrial uses) and recreational or medicinal cannabis – from size in plant once it reaches maturity (usability) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels. Although there is THC found in the sativa strand it is not enough to produce any sort of chemical reaction.

Hemp was originally grown in Asia and parts of  Africa, but it’s cultivated on just about every continent nowadays. In Japan, hemp is predominately used for paper and fiber — while other countries like South America make an abundance of hemp seed oil.



Unfortunately, the United States is slow in it’s efforts to ‘reduce, reuse, recyle’ and we are still unable to grow this miracle plant!! (Unless you’re under their jurisdiction and have a license.)

Personally I love hemp (if you couldn’t tell *wink*) and have found it to be a huge benefactor. You can check out my hemp jewelry collection on Facebook!

You don’t have to be ‘granola’ to enjoy hemp. Familiarize yourself with this God-given plant and incorporate it into your daily life. I’m sure you’ll say to yourself, “Why wasn’t I usin’ this before?!”

Consciously Birthing 2009                jessica11eleven [at] yahoo [dot] com

Check out these links!!
Hemp Industries Association
North American Industrial Hemp Council
Hemp Eco Products

I am an Intuitive Wellbeing Counselor. If you wish to discuss your personal situation and gain insight towards your brighter future I’d love to assist you – from a completely unbiased, non-judgemental perspective!

Light the path on your journey – Healing begins with you!


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  1. Hello Tarotandsage,
    This question may be a little off-topic Clary sage is one of those ancient herbs that worked magic when it was put into the eye to relieve mucous, or when it was combined with Muscatel wine to produce a heightened level of intoxication. That ability earned it the title of “muscatel sage” in Germany. During the Middle Ages it was called “Oculus Christi” because it had the ability to clear foreign objects out of the eye and increase vision. In the 16th century England it replaced hops in the beer brewing process.
    Great Job!

    • consciouslybirthing

      Ahhhh. Very interesting to know. My guy is the herbalist, so I go to him for all the herb answers lol! Seems you’ve done your homework as well.

    • consciouslybirthing

      Although.. I do knw Clary Sage essential by doTerra is incredible and expensive!! =)

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