Tis the Season: A Gift for You from Jessica Sage

It’s Friday. So you know what that means….

Yep! It’s FREE Tarot Friday!

In honor of the season of giving, I decided to give to myself (something I rarely do but will definitely be changing). I felt it was time to upgrade my tarot deck and bring in a renewed, refreshed and revised outlook on my intuitive business. The idea is by investing in a new tarot deck not only will I be giving back to my business but I’ll be giving to you!

The new deck is called Gilded Tarot. The cards are absolutely GORGEOUS. I chose this deck because it resonated with my Soul. The first card I saw for this deck left me wanting more; there’s a delicious sensuality depicted with each drawing.

I’m so excited to be using these cards in my upcoming readings! Can you tell? Why else would I bother blogging about it. LOL.

I have a feeling that this is turning a new leaf in my tarot ventures. One of abundance and ownership. Abundance in receiving, giving and gain. Ownership of my gifts and the responsibilities they encompass!

So, I’ll be busting out the cards for FREE Tarot Friday starting next week. Will you be the FIRST person to receive a FREE reading from my new deck? You very well could be!

For a FREE Tarot Friday reading simply contact me with your Birth Name (First and Last), Birthday (dd/mm/yy) and your close-ended (yes or no) question (i.e. “Will my lover and I last?”).**

And that’s it! So send me your question. Have a fabulous Friday!

In Love,

Jessica Sage

**Your information is precious and kept confidential. We never sell, rent, trade or share your information to any other organization.


About consciouslybirthing

Moon Manifesting Intuitive and Mentor, empowering women to harness their powers using the cycle of the Moon.

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