Stop downplaying your ingenuity with mediocrity

When we use language and thought that is negative we devalue our divinity — even if we were “just joking”. The problem is, when we continuously degrade, abase or poke fun at ourselves, those words become ingrained in our being. We begin to believe that these words have truth. And eventually, they have total power.

Think about it. How many times have you thought to yourself “I look fat”. Immediately, you feel negative about the way you look, in turn, your confidence is low throughout the day and eventually someone asks you “Have you been putting on weight?”.

Or how about that guy you were crushing on last fall. What happened? You kept saying “Oh I’ll never be able to pull him. He’s out of my league. Why would he ever go for a girl like me. Have you seen the girls he goes for?… I’m not his type”. And what eventually happened??  Unrequited love.

It happens to all of us. But why?

Usually when we are afraid of our divinity, our exceptional selves, ego will act on our behalf. Ego craves comfort. Ego treasures stability. Ego can’t help it. SO in an attempt to keep things steady and not rock the boat, ego will creep in your thoughts, in an attempt to mitigate your wings.

So how do we get ego to calm all that noise down and get in cahoots with divinity? Step one: Affirm your divinity.

Affirmations are the number one, quickest tool anyone can use to begin shifting their egoic self towards an unyielding relationship with the divine in you. If you’re new to affirmations check here, and here… and here too. And for the rest of you, let’s jump right in!

Affirming Your Divinity 

I AM Divine.

I ALLOW my Divinity to shine through all my experiences.

I AM one with my true, Divine nature.

I Embrace the Divine within me.

I Nurture my Divine self.

I AM ONE with Divinity.

These are few affirmations to get you started. Upon waking every morning, I encourage you to set intentions through affirmations. It sets the tone for the day. On days that I choose to affirm my intentions everything is smooth sailing. My experiences are authentic, pleasant and elevating! On days that I choose not to affirm, it’s quite obvious.

Remember to keep affirmations in the present tense and have fun with this. It’s not spiritual rocket science but the way you word things, whether worded positively or negatively, has power. Harness that energy. Watch yourself soar.

Consciously Birthing            2011


About consciouslybirthing

Moon Manifesting Intuitive and Mentor, empowering women to harness their powers using the cycle of the Moon.

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