Old school toys are the best!

Have you ever noticed how much babies love playing with household objects? Sometimes they enjoy those sorts of toys more so than the expensive ones we Moms purchase for them. I know I’m guilty of spending a pretty penny on toys my son is either scared of or will only hold his interest for 2 seconds… Literally!

Last month I got my little one this V-Tech ball that encourages crawling, thinking it would get him off his forearms doing that funny ‘army crawl’. But he didn’t like the ball then and he sure doesn’t like it now that he’s crawling for real. Bummer. That was 13bucks I could have put towards something more useful…. Like diapers! *grin*

I began to notice he would take interest in everyday items like the gallon jug of water I drink, spatulas and pots, paper and books. This got me thinking, this baby wants some good old-fashioned toys! The ones we used to play with before all this electronic savvy stuff, something like  a xylophone or ring stacks. So until our next trip to toyland, I decided to make him his own sensory stimulating old school toy — a Pea Can.

It’s inexpensive, it’s stimulating (visual, auditory, physically) and it’s fun to make, not to mention extremely EASY. Here is a very quick tutorial on how to make your tot a Pea Can toy:

Gather all your supplies.

More than likely the paper you choose will be larger than your can. Fit the paper to the can’s dimensions by wrapping the blank paper around the can. Mark a line with the scissors on the paper where you will need to cut.

Begin drawing your design of choice. For young babies (0-6mos) feel free to copy this basic black, white and red design I’ve drawn up. For older babies get creative! Add colors, characters, numbers, letters, etc.


Put glue on the back of the paper and quickly place on can, starting with one end of paper and wrapping around to the other end. Make sure to smooth bumps as you go along, if possible. Then add a little more glue to the very end of the paper where it should overlap to seal.

Add whatever you have lying around to the insides to make fun, stimulating noises for baby to hear. Once baby is old enough she can take the lid off and grab for the goodies inside! Change out the ‘noise maker’ every once in a while for different pitches.

You’re finished!! Place it on the floor for baby to enjoy!


In Love                       Consciously Birthing  


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  1. consciouslybirthing

    someone mentioned tapping it for choking hazard safety. that’s TOTALLY an option. however, I monitor my child during play and would like for him to have the option of opening the lid to see what’s inside. that will help w/ developing cognitive AND fine motor skills!
    if you choose to leave the lid accessible to your child please ensure the contents within AREN’T too small =)

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