How to get what you want!

Having our desires come into our reality is fulfilling, rewarding and necessary! There are only a few tricks of the trade that you need to follow and it is almost 100% guaranteed that you’ll ‘manifest’ what you desire. It’s no New Aged airy fairy act or Chris Angel hocus pocus. It’s legitimate attraction of your desires through your will and the abundant Universe.

Many of Consciously Birthing’s readers are extremely familiar with this process but I’ve recently been getting emails/inquiries from new readers who are “awakening” to their innate powers. How exciting!! So if you’re one of the newbies or even an old-head who needs a refresher course — this post is for you.

Bringing your desires into fruition is as simple as thought, feeling and action. Yes, seriously ONLY those three steps! I promise. We all bring our wants (remember there are NO needs in this Universe) into our existence, even when we don’t think WE did it. Remember last week when you left your lunch money at home and just knew you wouldn’t go hungry?? What happened..? Did a colleague offer to buy you lunch that day without your asking of them?!! What about when you’re arriving at the mall and are adamant about getting a close spot… You pulled up towards the mall entrance and bingo!… There’s an open parking spot! Even that job that you interviewed for this week and have a certainly clear feeling that it’s yours, so you fail to send your resume to any other prospective gigs… Ya. That’s called manifesting!!

It happens ALL the time. We even manifest the seemingly unwanted things believe it or not. Like walking on the icy, snow-packed driveway — you’ve done this years and years but this time you’re fearful you will fall and hurt yourself. What happens next? Slip!!!

So you say you want to manifest bigger and better things? YOU can!!
Think about how you bring about ‘unwanted’ events into existence. You thought about them. Pondered. Felt INTENSE emotion for the event. Continued to think or worry about what would happen if that event did come about. You even took action, subconsciously and sometimes very consciously, to make it happen or not to happen (resistance causes it to manifest as well – the Universe doesn’t recognize the word NO!!!!). All the energy that we put into having unpleasant experiences is the same that’s used in having the most delicious experiences.

For instance, when I was 24 I worked as a Full-Time Assistant Manager at a retail shop. After months of doing so I had an intuitive nudge to further my spiritual journey and relocate to Arizona. I told my boss of my new endeavor and my desire to seek a transfer with the company. She must have thought I was kidding because apparently no jobs were available. But I am a very determined woman. …I put in my letter of resignation!! She was undoubtedly saddened and taken aback by this but did the necessary research to find me a transfer position. Let’s just say weeks later I was in the Phoenix area working as a Store Manager with the company, living my spiritual bliss.

But well into my new life in AZ I began taking leaps – financial, entrepreneurial, physically, spiritual. It was scary. I began moving in fear, causing the very things I had pushed against to come into my reality. Knowing this to be a Universal truth I recognized I needed to re-evaluate and rewrite my desires. That shift got me right back on track bringing into my life the most wonderful growth spurt (financially, entrepreneurially ;), physically AND spiritually).

The keys to manifesting my move were thought, feeling and action. The intuitive nudge (comes in many different forms) was to move to AZ. The feelings that surrounded the thought were feelings and emotions of happiness, bliss, new adventures, certainty! And the actions taken were separating from the part of my life that no longer served me whole-heartedly and moving forward as I desired. The same steps were used during my AZ transition from corporate to self-employment, overweight to healthy and toned, spiritual thirst to spiritual growth!

Those three components are an absolute must in whatever it is that you wish to have. Sometimes we manifest things quicker than other things. But that’s another post in itself!

Say for instance you really want to lose weight. You’ve tried several times, every fad diet. You’ve done the sauna, the lasers, the pills, the pain! And never gotten past the first 5lbs. What’s missing from the process of losing the full 20lbs that your heart so desires to lose??

First: Thinking that you want to lose the weight isn’t enough to keep the ball rolling. ‘Thinking’ has gotten you to the 5lb mark but no further. Try visualizing yourself thin. Can you see the fulfilling, healthy foods stocked in your fridge and pantry? What style of clothes will you wear with your new body? What does your new body look like when you imagine it?
Second: What will it feel like to be thin? What sort of emotions surge through your body as you imagine the newer thinner, HEALTHIER you? Physically and emotionally feel your new body IS a present reality. How intense are those feelings? Can you feel the butterflies in your gut? How delightful!  
Last: What are the healthy ways to bring about your desired new body? What can you physically do to begin the process? Diet? Exercise? Restock your fridge and pantry. Go shopping for a new outfit or a yoga mat! 

That’s it!!!! Just those three steps!!! Now there are other elements you can add to heighten or quicken the process such as affirmations, meditations, mantras, vision boarding, etc. But those are icing on the cake and not NECESSARY to the success of manifestation.

So… What is it that you’ve been wanting to have in your life to fulfill you? Do you feel something is holding you back from receiving it? If so, I guarantee AT LEAST ONE of the three keys to manifesting success is missing or stagnant: THOUGHT (VISUALIZATION), FEELING (EMOTION) and ACTION (EFFORT). Bring conscious attention to your manifesting technique. Why bother haphazardly experiencing Life?

In Love                  Consciously Birthing


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Moon Manifesting Intuitive and Mentor, empowering women to harness their powers using the cycle of the Moon.

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