Homemade Baby Food Puree…. Pt III

I had some sweet potatoes sitting in the fridge for over a week now so I decided it was time to ‘process’ them one way or another. So I preheated the oven to 350° and the timer for 2hours. Then I washed the sweet potatoes, patted them dry, oiled the skin and wrapped them in aluminum foil. (Aluminum is not the best baking option due to its metal content, so I will be researching alternative methods.) Then pop them in the oven!

I let ’em bake for 2hours, which was plenty of time because sweet potato juices had oozed out and crusted up due to the extreme temps!! But once I cut them open it was nice and mushy! Just the perfect consistency for a puree. I cut open the potato with a fork, peeled the skin off and added potato innards to a dish for smashing. There is NO need to add any liquids or seasonings to the sweet potato until ready to serve (that will prevent coagulation). And they’re the PERFECT natural sweetness so why tamper with that. Then refrigerate and/or serve after cooling to room temp.

I let mine cool for the night and gave a few tablespoons mixed with ‘mommy’s milk’ to retain the natural sweetness (in my opinion, water is fine but it dilutes the taste too much). Let’s just say Nezrah enjoyed it!! And I did too… I ended up eating the other sweet potato myself =)





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