Homemade Baby Food Purees

Making baby food from home is so easy, so fun and so rewarding. There’s a feeling of accomplishment and love that comes with being a homemaker. Once my son started eating solids I decided I’d make his food myself instead of purchasing the canned, jarred boxed stuff. Not that there’s anything wrong with those baby foods — most times they are either organic or all natural. It’s just making the food yourself takes you back to a time of self-sufficiency and taking care of the home.

So a great friend of mine sent me a book in the mail called Homemade Baby Food Pure & Simple. OH what a wonderful book! It’s my bible!! There are tons of wonderfully EASY recipes to get baby chomping on the healthiest veggies, fruits, grains, etc. All made from scratch and with love =) The recipes are quick and only require steaming, boiling and/or blending. Also, they’re so darn good I usually eat the leftovers!!

I usually introduce 1 or two new foods per week to baby that way I’ll be sure of no food allergies. And he really enjoys it if I mix some of ‘mommy’s milk’ in with rice cereal or oatmeal into the new fruit/veggie. There is no need to add sugar or salt to any of the recipes. You want baby to have the healthiest start possible so keeping it all natural and organic is best. The book includes yummy recipes to last through toddler years, even for baby’s 1st birthday party! It even gives appropriate ages to introduce a food.

In this photo I’ve ‘steeped’ plums for about 3mins then blended into a puree. And the other is baked acorn squash then blended w/ water into puree. Check it out.

I hope you guys have as much fun as I do creating new foods for your love bunch.

In Love                   Consciously Birthing


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