Oh How Time….


I have been so incredibly busy! But I must give a quick update for any concerned readers =)
I am currently in my 8th month of pregnancy~!~ Yaaaay~! We’re expecting a boy in a little less than two months. The pregnancy is going excellent.

I keep in shape by walking a few times a week, 45mins-1hr per day. I eat a mostly vegetarian diet (I did slip up and had fish a couple times! YIKES!). I drink a gallon of water per day. And I sleep as much as possible,especially now that I’m getting so large — hehe!

The weight gain has been my only concern, and so far I’ve kept that down to about 25lbs so far! Hopefully the next 2 months will have me in its favor and I don’t go too overboard.

But ya, everything is great, wonderful, lovely! I’ve been reading books on gentle birth and adding them to my doula library. This experience has definitely solidified my reasoning/wants to finish my doula certification.

So I hope that after baby arrives I’ll have more time to sit down and post a pic or two.

Keep us in your prayers and well-wishes =)
We’re planning on having a natural, gentle, hypnotic-like birth in mid-October, baby willing!

Write soon —-

And So It Is                    Consciously Birthing 2010


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Moon Manifesting Intuitive and Mentor, empowering women to harness their powers using the cycle of the Moon.

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