Happy Goddess Day!

This Sunday is what many American’s know as Mother’s Day! I refer to it as Goddess Day — a day to commemorate the life of our mothers and their dedication to birthing and rearing us. Although we only take one day to celebrate her (according to a calendar), we should take time to appreciate our moms more often. How about three hundred sixty five days of celebration?!

It sounds like a lot of work but realistically Mom surrendered her body to nature for 9+ months while we invaded her space with kicks, punches, expanded her waistline, pushed her guts halfway through her torso — ok that’s a bit graphic — but that was just the beginning!

Mom took care of every booboo & scrape we ever had, cleaning and bandaging it with love and care. Mommy rocked us to sleep and read us the same story over and over and over and over and over — even when we could recite it by heart. Our Mothers were our tutors, our mentors, our counselors our best friends (at times).

So why not take time to acknowledge the beauty in everything she did do to make us the strong, charismatic, go-getting individuals we are today?!

I love my Mom, and although I may not have seen eye-to-eye with her through my trials in life (i.e. puberty!), I can appreciate her tenacity and genuine well-wishes. My Mother has shown me what strength, courage and femininity look like wrapped into one gorgeous package!! She is wonderful in all her ways and I love her just for being who she is.

As I experience my first Mother’s Day as a Momma-to-be, I can truly appreciate my Mom, Grandma, Great-Grandma and all the other Mothers who give themselves, willingly for the cause of raising children and in return grooming themselves into the epitome of The Goddess.

Selah                                     Consciously Birthing 2010



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