How to Raise a Non-Religious Being


A little over a month ago I was presented with incredible news. The gospel, as they say, was right on my bathroom sink, and I couldn’t have been happier. Then the other reality sunk in — my other half is a ‘religious freak’. Now, I don’t mean freak in a bad way, it is supposed to be positive in every sense. He’s seeking, he’s journeying, he’s inquiring. That’s all great. That’s what parts of life are for right? Sure — why not!

But I feel like I’ve reached a point in ‘consciousness’ where I need not venture to other religions to find ‘God’. I enjoy dibbling in other’s ritualistic ways to see what their point of views and practices are, but I’ll pass on the “You can only wear blue on Thursdays because it is the day that so and so lifted the gargantuan rock over his head and threw it across the river bank to symbolize his love of the Father”. A bit drastic but that’s exactly how I view religious rules – asinine.

Before I get any further, I do want to take a minute to apologize to any and everyone that I may offend with this post, especially if you do engage in weekly Sunday services and especially if you’re the die-hard bible thumping type. My intentions are not to bash anyone, including my other half.  I just want to ask a question: How do you raise a child together when one of you switches religions every month and the other channels spirits?

Years ago when I met my guy we met through a religious organization (whose name shall remain anonymous as not to offend any other persons). I was 21 years of age and my father had passed away a year prior. I was seeking answers because I knew there was more to life than going to vacation bible school and taking communion.

The year I spent with the organization was awakening! I was introduced to ‘The Secret’ and quantum physics, my frequency was elevating and I literally was glowing! But time went on and I knew those days were coming to an end because lo and behold dogma was the root that held that organization together. I just needed to move on.

Several years later, I’m still involved with the same individual but yet he seems to have found several other religions to take the place of the original one that we both left. Sometimes it’s quite necessary to fill a void, but I thought we moved passed this. But I guess we didn’t. And now the time has come for us to cultivate a seed of our own and the bible is being thrown in the ethers at high speeds (but not super high speeds because really, can dogma vibrate that high–LOL!).

I try explaining to my guy that children are brought into this plane more elevated than we, why dumb them down with ‘religulous’ talk? To me it makes all the sense in the Universe to introduce children (and really anyone for that matter) to their God within in order to build a healthy relationship with the Creator; not to instill fear in them through hocus pocus talk of eternal damnation.

The illustration above was found on a church site and I thought it brilliantly depicted the incredible confusion that comes from following religion instead of your God within. This picture clearly states that religion is the only pathway to this God that is not within us but always outside of reach but somewhat accessible if we don’t fall into this fictional entity called ‘Sin’ — REALLY?!!!!!!

Why not let children form a bond with the Creator and form their own judgements as to what they innately feel about the Creator?? Who’s to say that they aren’t capable? It is my KNOWING that we all are Gods and part and parcel of the Universe, so why should we make everything so difficult and unbearable with rules and regulations? Aren’t we capable of governing ourselves? After all.. this is exactly what Consciously Birthing lives for!!!

I’d like to hear comments, thoughts concerns from ANYONE. Are you raising children in a non-religious home life… How are your children elevating? Are they elevating YOUR awareness because of their lack of exposure to dogma? What are your concerns for their future without a ‘religious’ faith? Are you religious and think I’m damned for all eternity? How do your children feel about attending any sort of services? Have you inquired??!

Selah                                    Consciously Birthing 2010


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Moon Manifesting Intuitive and Mentor, empowering women to harness their powers using the cycle of the Moon.

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