Will you be having cheese with that whine?


“You REALLY do love me, don’t you,” I cry with deep unnecessary emotion.

I’ve turned into a babbling, bubbling brook of tears, fears and excessive phone calls. Who knew that a woman once so independent, composed and somewhat reserved could become even Elmyra’s worst nightmare in just a few short weeks.

Pregnancy hormones are at their multiplying peak in the first 14 weeks a.k.a the first trimester. HCG levels doubling every two days is enough to send anyone into a stirred-up OVER hormonal frenzy.

Just to test the water works I popped in The Notebook, a bona-fide pre-pregnancy tear jerker. By the end of the movie the front of my shirt was soaked and I was phoning my Guy during his work hours, I guess to see if we could be like the characters in the movie — dying old, together and memory-lossed.

One day I made it a point to let him know just how much I ‘needed’ him and phoned at least 5 times in a one hour period. “I miss you”, “What cha doin?”, “How’s your day?”, “Is work ok?”.

I was getting on my OWN nerves. I couldn’t believe it, I was so annoying! And didn’t know how to stop it. Oh, and please don’t try to get me off your back, because at the first sign of disappointment I was a sobbing little girl.

Luckily, within a week my hormones had settled down a bit and I could return back to the usual one call a day (now he’s calling me more LOL!) but who would’ve known.

The thing about these hormones is it’s NOT all in your mind. The mood swings, the excessive neediness, the whatever.. Now I can say that eating a balanced diet will help regulate the ‘extremeness’ but the fluctuations? I don’t think so.

So it’s been a week since my last hormonal overhaul, I’ve been feeling good (minus the silly illness I just overcame – more about that in a later post). Although I did have a total meltdown at work last week (the day before I got sick, actually – hmm I wonder if there’s any relation.. could be, could be) but you try working with 18 overly stimulated, excessively sugared, in one ear and out the other, well-misbehaved children. You’d be crying too!

But my Guy has redeemed himself from the week before (he really thought I was mental) and has gone out of his way (just a little) to take me to the doc to make sure the 100degree temp I had wasn’t frying baby. In an attempt to win more brownie points he brought me home-made bean soup from his Mom’s kitchen and even offered to pick me up a pickle or two!

Ah, the perks. But no, I think I’ll pass on the whine for this week, who knows, maybe later.


About consciouslybirthing

Moon Manifesting Intuitive and Mentor, empowering women to harness their powers using the cycle of the Moon.

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