‘Random’ Tarot – Two of Swords


I awoke this morning at around 2 something-ish and decided I’d do a bit of work on my business ventures. I visualized for a bit (aka daydreamed), worked on a chapter from my upcoming book and tried to put a life into perspective. About two hours later I thought, “Why not blog a little, Jess?”

“Good morning, Guides!”, I hesitantly replied. But we all know these hours are the most opportune so why not.

As I pondered on whether I should publish the post I did about 8hrs prior, but not wanting to rock the boat too much, I decided otherwise. It occurred to me, if I’m gonna be a Tarot Guru, then why not just go for the freakin’ gusto! Right? Right!

But I wasn’t in the mood to do a ‘regular’ reading. This would have to be different. I sat wondering how I’d possibly do anything Tarot related if I was glued to the couch this early morning. Then it became clear — I must get clear in order to see the cards.

Ok. I can do that! Or at least I think I can. The only thing about getting clear is it’s become quite the task as of a few weeks ago. My brain has been on constant go-go-go. I needed this time out. What was so ‘weird’ was before I woke up at 2am-ish, I dreamt that I was meditating and everything was still for just one second. It was one second of PURE BLISS. No cats jumping around the place, no flashbacks in my head from work related incidents and definitely no symptoms of this crazy fever I’ve been experiencing for the past 4 days.

Everything was S T I L L. And I loved it.

So I sat there. Being still. Stilling my body. Stilling my mind. Waiting for the card to come to me.

I saw two swords.

I waited a bit for more images to come but nothing did. So there is was. I didn’t have to ponder on this at all. I knew exactly what my Team wanted to show me.
For those who are less familiar with the Tarot, Two of Swords represents avoidance, reluctance, defensiveness yet finding peace in this realization of what needs to surface. It’s about making decisions in order to move forward. There were many ways I could look at this not-quite-the revelation-I-must’ve-hoped-for news.. but I decided otherwise. I knew exactly what this card was pertaining to in my personal life. I was being to black and white in my logic and quite possibly just too damn logical!

How can Two of Swords work for YOU? Take a look at your own life. What are you ‘on the fence’ about? Who are you holding at arm’s length? Are you afraid to take necessary action? Is there something you know is impending but you rather keep it under wraps for a moment? Two of Swords is a card of denial and realization. How can you step into the light and own up to the inevitable?

If you wish to see how Tarot can benefit your life in many ways consider having a reading with me. Whether you’re a one time kinda guy or a long-term gal, there are options for every situation.

Spiritual Peace and Prosperity                      Consciously Birthing 2010


About consciouslybirthing

Moon Manifesting Intuitive and Mentor, empowering women to harness their powers using the cycle of the Moon.

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  1. Hi Jessica. Thanks for coming over to my blog. I love yours and I will be back.
    It’s nice to meet another spiritual sistah.

    • consciouslybirthing

      Likewise my sistah! You’re an inspiration.. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to act but didn’t do ANYTHING with it after high school. So I commend you for doin ya thing. I really see it sis.. you’re going places!!

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