Bun in Whose Oven?


Two days after turning 27 I pee’d on the infamous stick and found out I had a little one rising in my very own oven. WOW!? I thought. Completely ecstatic, I let the new-found news marinate in my head for about 24hrs before spilling the beans to any family and friends and even my lover!

I know some women have several numbers on speed dial for when that ostentatious moment does occur, but I’m not most women — I wanted to check with Jessica (that would be me, Thank you) before I leaked the biz. That very next morning I called my mother to tell her what I’d discovered. Trying to see if she would guess; her motherly instinct must have been napping that morning. Upon telling her the news she was excited and joyous but in her overly motherly anal ways instructed me to get a blood test just to double-check.

The thing about pregnancy is it’s completely intuitive, if you learn to listen to your body you don’t even need an HPT to tell you what you already knew! In an effort to let her be right I complied and proceeded to call my sister next. My sis and I chatted it up for a bit until she asked me what I got for my birthday. I exclaimed, “A POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST!!!”

She yelled in excitement and said, “I so wasn’t expecting you to say that!” I had to laugh out loud at that one because it was just perfect timing!

We dwelled on the fact that a little Jess or little Nick was forming inside me and then disconnected the line. I then called my really close friend, Becki, who is currently experiencing the joys of motherhood. I’ve always admired her tenacity and will. She’s such a wonderful role model and I look up to her. I told her the news and she, too, yelled in excitement.

We “girl-talked” for about an hour and I decided to get some rest. I couldn’t believe how exhausting relaying the message would be or maybe it’s just the first trimester fatigue.

I then realized I had to wait until I would see my Lover to tell him what I’d discovered. Millions of scenarios bounced in my head, I just didn’t know how to tell such life-changing news. Granted we’ve been together for nearly five years, I just didn’t know how to customize it. I even googled some suggestions. I mean, I wanted it to be cute, even thoughtful and sincere but definitely not trite!

Oh what’s a girl to do?

So that afternoon my Guy was taking me out for my birthday weekend, I thought I’d tell him sometime during the date. I dropped hints all afternoon, “Oh I’ve been getting these headaches. I never get headaches”. And, “Geesh, I’ve got to go to the restroom again!?”

WELL, let’s just say, men don’t get hints very well. He was totally clueless.

In between lunch and the movie we went to a neighborhood psychic. “Perfect!” I thought. Surely she’s be able to pick up on something. Sure enough she picked up on the headaches and stomach issues (which I’m experiencing full-on as I type this), but she didn’t say anything about baby.

So I figured I’d just have to tell this man myself. Later that evening, he dropped me off at a friend’s house. About 4 minutes after leaving he called me. I guess he ‘knew’ something was up.

I could sense that my curious behavior earlier that day had made him question. So in an effort to put him, and myself out of my ‘can’t keep a secret about myself misery’ I told him!

He couldn’t believe it! I wish I would’ve seen him in person, I’m sure his jaw was on the floor of brand new Cadillac thinking about the added financial (among others) responsibility, but I know there was a smirk of happiness forming soon after. We talked for a bit and I reassured him, “No worries. It’s best to take it one day at a time — we’d figure out all the details of parenting in due time.”


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