FREE Tarot Friday 2010!

FREE Tarot Friday is BACK!!!

Due to the popular demand of FREE Tarot Friday, I’ve decided to bring it back for another round! If you’re not familiar with FREE Tarot Friday let me enlighten you:

Every Friday I offer FREE Tarot readings to any and everyone who desires to know anything about their awaited future — all you have to do is email me!!

Tarot readings depict the course of action that will take place based on past and present circumstances. Readings can also inform you of how to change the current course and obtain a more desirable outcome.

Most people ask how can an online reading have any sort of accuracy and the answer is very simple. The Universe already knows your intentions, because you’ve voiced them over and over in your mind, heart and tongue. That energy is dispersed throughout the Universe and then its up to you to take action. Obtaining a reading is action!

The answers given by the cards are intuitively interpreted based on the underlying situation; nothing is biased and everything is mutable. Diviners access necessary information via Guides and intuition and translate it into laymen terms for the everyday person who doesn’t foretell.

I’m excited to be bringing FREE Tarot Fridays back to everyone and hope those who are interested will email me your question along with your birthdate and name before each Friday that you wish to participate.

In the past there has been a limit to FREE questions, but I’m interested in helping as much as possible so feel free to email me up to three FREE questions per month!!

Now, my FREE readings are incredibly in depth and packed full of past, present and future predictions, to help you on your way but if you’re feeling the need to get a bit more of a play by play you should inquire about Monthly Tarot Guide‘s benefits and features.

So, thanks to all who participated in the past readings and please feel free to contact me with any new questions! I’m here to help and look forward to working with YOU!

Happy Foretelling!!


Spiritual Peace and Prosperity                    Consciously Birthing 2010



About consciouslybirthing

Moon Manifesting Intuitive and Mentor, empowering women to harness their powers using the cycle of the Moon.

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