Resolving Under the New Moon


Today marks the first New Moon of 2010 and I’m sure some of you have either tossed out your resolution plans already or slipped up a bit. That’s normal, we’re human afterall. Personally, as I’ve discussed before, I don’t make resolutions! Why not, you ask… Well, I feel resolutions set us up for some form of disappointment or failure: we have these incredible ideals that we wish to accomplish and sooner or later we’ve abandoned them with no intention of returning! Now that’s absolutely NO way to start a brand new year.

There’s an enjoyable way to resolve.

Over the years I’ve come to learn a few things about beginning and completing “improvement” projects — whether it be self, home, business, financial, etc. Because we all know starting a project is one thing, and finishing is another. So here are a few simple steps to actuating every desire and seeing it through.

First, at the top of the list, is to continuously focus on improvement. How can you know what to change about your lifestyle if you’re stagnant? Most of us work in environments that no longer serve us (actually they never served us from the beginning), hoping to win the lottery and put in out notice! But realistically, does that sound productive? What areas in your life could use a facelift? What in your life no longer serves your Higher Self?

Knowing is half the battle.

Once you’ve acknowledged to yourself what needs shifting, uplifting and tucking then the magick can begin! Biting off more than you can chew has never been a successful measure, that’s why I recommend focusing on ONE thing at a time. Drawing your attention to one matter at hand allows it to manifest that much quicker.

Imagine an athlete training to play pro ball but he’s not quite sure if he wants to go for football, soccer or basketball so he trains constantly for all three! Imagine the lack of focus he will encounter — the necessary skills for each sport varies, if he’s scattering his attention where is is focus? Everywhere! That’s exactly how setting our intentions/resolutions work. Doing too much has never been good for anyone; set several goals but focus intently on one at a time.

You can achieve it, just know you can.

The last simple step to obtaining resolutions is to align your vibration. Many of you Spiritual Journeyers are very familiar with vibration and what it means to align and re-align it, for those of you who aren’t, let me clarify. Our thoughts and feelings are set on a particular radio signal, per se, and our intent is set on another, higher channel signal. In order to reach that next channel we must align our vibration. This can be done through simple positive thought process, affirmations, coaching, energy work, etc. There are tons of methods to heightening vibrations but the important thing is that your vibration shifts. If you’re not in alignment with your desire, how do you expect it to manifest??   

So there you have it. Three very simple steps to setting and obtaining goals this new year. There’s proven success behind this step process that’s practical and can be used in all lifestyle alterations — I can attest to that! Take a moment during this New Moon and become clear about areas you’d like to improve upon. Write them all down and focus your intent on one at a time. You’ll be surprised at how much faster things come into your life this way!!

What are some areas you’re wanting to improve? How are you aligning your vibration to match your intent?

Spiritual Peace & Prosperity                      Consciously Birthing 2010

Spiritual Journeyer: Life’s detours, road blocks and forks can be misleading. Let intuition show you the way. I am an Intuitive Wellbeing Counselor. If Spirit nudges you to, contact me. It’s an honor to assist you on your journey.


About consciouslybirthing

Moon Manifesting Intuitive and Mentor, empowering women to harness their powers using the cycle of the Moon.

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