Astrologically Correct


Astrological relevance may prove trivial to some, only due to their lack of understanding. If one were to simply conceptualize astrology’s seemingly complex method they would notice the predictability portrayed by each planet. 

– Jessica Eleven


Astrology discussion has been kept to a minimum on Consciously Birthing, references made usually pertain to the waxing and waning of Earth’s magnificent moon. I’ve been attracted and maybe even obsessed ( but I call it ‘willing to relearn what we once knew fluently’ ) with astrology since junior high. Constantly staying up-to-date on our personal horoscopes, my best friend and I began purchasing books on sun signs and compatibility. What started off as a part-time, school-girl-crush hobby ended up being a lifelong passion for the love of our galaxy’s impeccable dance.

The Sun, Moon & planets waltz through infinite space and time to a beat of their own, eventually “aspecting” one another. Each with its own personality by which it shifts its entire surroundings — otherwise called magnetic pull. Take for instance Uranus, my ruling planet, is without a doubt unpredictable and unconventional. When Uranus’ pull is near prepare to have pen and paper handy for your ‘outside the box’ ideas! Now, Uranus can be a bit of a stinker with his ‘different just to be different’ tendencies so it’s a wonderful thing we’re ALL born under multiple signs.  

But you say “Naaaah… I’m just an Aries. Nothing else!” (or fill in Aries with your sign ;))

Well, astrology wouldn’t be so honored if it were that basic — LOL. There’s an intricate web of planet influences that’s recorded at everyone’s birth date, city and time — the recording is referenced to as a natal (birth) chart. The chart illustrates each planets degree the moment of your entrance to Earth.

Today’s most noted astrological jargon is Sun sign; one’s Sun sign refers to the planet whose degree was closest to the sun at the time of birth. But as we truly grow and come into our own we begin to realize our Sun sign no longer describes us the best. In this case, I’d highly recommend acquiring a birth chart.

The chart will allow one to have physical documentation of all the planets affecting their emotions, behavior, relationships, character, etc. and could potentially serve as an invaluable divining tool. Crafting is another major part of embracing astrology’s perks and using them the good of ones day, month or rest of their life.

It is our responsibility to take action or not, but inquiring with the planets’ relevant paths with one another, the Sun and the Moon has the potential to make some thunderstorms functional or mighty treacherous. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not handing my, or yours, power over to each planet, or even the Universe. I am, however, giving respect where due and acknowledging that each planet possesses a magnitude of gumption that can not be ignored!

Astrology is a deep-rooted Spiritual practice dating back as early as our first inhabitants. Symbol drawings of planets and constellations are found in some of the most-known indigenous cultures from our ancient history. Many religious groups have forgotten their birth roots and frown upon astrology, but if God didn’t want us to dissect the intricacies of the heavens they wouldn’t be here for us to see.

Who are you — from a human aspect? What planets influence your behavioral patterns? When are you affected by certain planets? How are you going to make 2010 a year to win? 

In the future, Consciously Birthing’s pages will discuss more in-depth about astrology and its influence in EVERYONE’s birth! If you’re interested in finding out how to apply astrological divination to your daily life inquire about having your birth chart done!

Spiritual Peace and Prosperity            Consciously Birthing 2009

Spiritual Journeyer: Life’s detours, road blocks and forks can be misleading. Let intuition show you the way. I am an Intuitive Wellbeing Counselor. If Spirit nudges you to, contact me. It’s an honor to assist you on your journey.



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