Abundance and Prosperity in 2010!


Two Thousand Ten marks the beginning of the second decade in the 21st Century — boy did that fly by or what?! Well my friends, get used to it! Time is only accelerating and we have to either jump on the train or miss it. Many of you Spiritual Journeyers are well aware of the shift that’s been occurring and many are just now awakening. Wherever you’re at in your Spiritual development is of no concern, however, the speed of growth is.

Let me clarify, the paradigm shift that’s taking place (and has been for quite some time) waits for no one. We either Evolve or get left behind. It is time for everyone to step up to the plate, hone their innate, God-given gifts and be a service to themselves and others. In the upcoming year we can expect to be blessed with abundance and prosperity, the only condition is that we remove ourselves from situations, relationships, mindsets, vibrations, egos, etc that no longer serve us and Elevate.

As we near 2012 everyone can expect to feel a Universal pull to better themselves Spiritually. Gone are the days of holding on to baggage — 2010 will prove this to EVERYONE! We will act on feelings of Love; love of self, others, animals and our planet. Expect to witness/experience many positive changes in career choices and longevity, relationship compatibility, financial abundance and whole well-being.

With only one day left before we reach 2010, many are taking the time to make resolutions. Resolutions are cool; they allow for the opportunity to notice what changes you’d like to implement. Unfortunately there’s usually a cold and negative approach and you’re left with a salty taste in your mouth LOL! There’s a proven easier, feel-good method to ‘resolving’ what you’d like to accomplish in the new year — they’re called Affirmations.

Affirmations are your desires, goals and aspirations in present tense. So instead of saying “I resolve to lose 10lbs in 2010” you could instead say “I am healthy, slender and beautiful (or handsome ;)).

Some of you may be a bit more visual and haven’t had much luck with affirmations. I absolutely LOVE daydreaming and have had wonderful “resolving” effects with journaling. I’d recommend keeping a journal that specific to your goals for the year and be as detailed and creative as you can imagine! For example: “As I cruise down the freeway, approaching my summer home, in my brand new 2010 slate gray BMW M3, listening to ambient music I can see the Pacific Ocean waves delicately splashing”. That would be the perfect daydream come true for a midwestern girl!

Worried that being too specific will defeat the purpose? Non sense! Being as specific as possible allows the Universe to draw from your desire and make it more of a complete reality (as opposed to half-assed). Same for putting affirmations in the present tense; if the Universe ‘hears’ that it’s already happened it has no choice but to occur!**

Another wonderful source is intuition. Intuition is a guide like no other, providing you a personal map to your success. A few moments a day of retreat will allow you to tap into your Higher Self, providing you with all the resolutions you’ll ever need. It will remove you from ego-centered, wanna-be goals and keep you focused on the real desires at hand. 

It is my wish that all Spiritual Journeyers will make the best of the upcoming year, remembering to Evolve with everyday, in every way. What are your personal areas you wish to work on? How will you positively make them a reality?

Spiritual Peace and Prosperity            Consciously Birthing 2009

Spiritual Journeyer: Life’s detours, road blocks and forks can be misleading. Let intuition show you the way. I am an Intuitive Wellbeing Counselor. If Spirit nudges you to, contact me. It’s an honor to assist you on your journey.

**At times what we want is not in alignment with our Highest good, therefore it will not come into fruition. More details next year!


About consciouslybirthing

Moon Manifesting Intuitive and Mentor, empowering women to harness their powers using the cycle of the Moon.

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