New Moon Manifesting


If you’ve been ‘lead’ to this blog you’re probably already familiar with the process called manifesting, then again maybe not. For those who are somewhat unfamiliar, manifesting is the means by which we acquire absolutely everything that we individually and collectively experience. Whether it be “good” or “bad”.

For example, marrying the love of your life; in order to have met this individual you had to set an intention to the Creator, Universe or what have you, that you desired to come into contact with this individual. In addition to stating the intention, your vibration would also need to match the desire. After those two things are done, everything begins to fall into place, on its own accord.

It sounds incredibly easy, doesn’t it? Well… it is!

Manifesting is one of my favorite pastimes. I LOVE setting goals, mini goals, outrageous and obtaining them (or not)! Everything from the mundane food and monetary needs to spiritual growth and enlightenment can be manifested into existence, and it’s quite enjoyable, especially once you reap the promised effects! (It’s kinda that “Ah-ha” moment where you think “I can!!”)

I’ve been willing things into my existence as early as birth.. seriously. And you have too! I can distinctly remember as a child, asking God for little things like treats or toys. As I grew (chronologically), I began to ask for more help, with schoolwork and part-time income. Now that I’m more aware, it’s fulfilling to manifest spiritual wellness and success as well.

Did you know? Manifesting is a natural, healthy process of sowing and reaping.

There are several techniques in which to go about bringing desires into fruition. One technique I’ve experienced phenomenal outcomes is through the lunar cycles. Taking notice of the waxing and waning of the moon can bring about a host of changes in ones week, month or even year.

New Moon Manifesting is a site that focuses primarily on setting intentions prior to or on the New Moon and using that particular cycle for manifesting. The site has an abundance of information on astrology, positive thought processes and healing. There’s even a quaint conference call held before each New Moon in which callers can document, address and meditate on their intentions.

New Moon Manifesting‘s creator, Jana Groscost-Matthews, is a Theta Healer, Life, Business & Abundance Coach and Intuitive. She’s incredibly gifted, innately nurturing and empathic; a true joy, even remotely…  =)Jana’s approach to manifesting is refreshing, unique and produces results. The accountability [for setting and obtaining goals] is there, in a way that’s comforting and uplifting not restricting or condescending. It’s incredible how attracting (or manifesting) the right people in your life can make a world of difference.

With the New Year approaching, try utilizing the last week to become clear about your aspirations, dreams, goals, etc. The powerful energetic pull of the waxing moon could be  highly beneficial in obtaining them. 

Happy Manifesting!                Consciously Birthing 2009

Spiritual Journeyer: Life’s detours, road blocks and forks can be misleading. Let intuition show you the way. I am an Intuitive Wellbeing Counselor. If Spirit nudges you to, contact me. It’s an honor to assist you on your journey.


About consciouslybirthing

Moon Manifesting Intuitive and Mentor, empowering women to harness their powers using the cycle of the Moon.

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