Another 11.. Embracing Change


Tomorrow marks the last time we’ll encounter 11-11-11 for a while. What’s incredible is we had TWO in one year, let alone one month (the previous was a few weeks ago on November 11th)! For those of you who aren’t as familiar with 11-11, I’d google it – someone else can fill ya in. Try Steve Pavlina, he does a great job at being straight to the point. Or you can check out my post 11-11-11.

So since 11-11-11 is wrapping around again, tomorrow, I revamped my blog. It was more ‘subconscious’ than anything, then I realized the perfect timing. Since 11 is a great number for manifesting it makes perfect sense that I would reconfigure things.

Over the past month, I’ve been wanting to manifest a dotcom for my baby, but just haven’t felt right about doing it without extensive research — I mean, it’s a serious investment.

I have another small business where I produce and sell my own artwork but never could I imagine doing a site for it, besides myspace. It’s not something that I would find fulfillment engaging in hourly, or even daily!  

Consciously Birthing is a completely different: Although it’s in its infancy, I provide for its well-being and growth daily (if not hourly). CB provides me an outlet in which I can teach. Continuously, I’m put to the test of employing my intuitive, empathic nature (Higher Self) which provides me with a sense of personal success. Not to mention, networking is incredibly fun and informative instead of painstakingly dreadful. And most importantly, I’m growing.

Realizing how motivated I am to keep Consciously Birthing a successful entity in my cypher pushes me to further create just what it is I truly desire!

And what is it that I desire?

I desire for Consciously Birthing to be a place of diverse, educational tools for the everyday Spiritual Voyager; Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Mental, Psychological, Financial, Vibrational healing. I desire for my Intuitive Arts services to consist purely of Intuitive Wellbeing Counseling — Psychic Divination, One on One Coaching, Akashic Readings & Thought Vibration HealingTM.

Well, what about the ‘Birthing’?

Consciously Birthing is absolutely more than pregnancy and birth. I first originated the idea based on my passion for the misunderstood beauty but as the concept of Consciously Birthing itself grew, I realized my interests span much further than just conceiving and birthing naturally. I realized I wasn’t sent here to be only a labouring servant — there’s entirely too much available to us to limit ourselves.  

However, upon completing my certification for Birth Doula (early 2011) things could appear different. My bigger vision is to incorporate Conscious Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting into the whole; because it just wouldn’t be “Consciously Birthing” without starting at the beginning – so to speak, but I feel the need to solidify a jump-off point in order to soar.

With hopes of  providing ALL who wish to participate in the “J11 Experience”  the certainty they’re receiving adequate, professional insight, developing and honing my Intuitive skills will allow me to provide all my clients with expansive, thorough healings. And I just don’t want to take away from that right now.

We’re here to change our minds, tweak our goals and fine tune our plans. Or else things would get stale and grow mold LOL. Be sure to stay tuned.  The dotcom will offer a shoppe which can be previewed at ELEmentals with lots of great music, links and referrals, like my guys Jana Groscost Matthews and Jason Matthews.

Enjoy round 2 of 11’s… Make it Manifest!

Truly Gracious for Your Support,
Jessica Eleven

Consciously Birthing


I am an Intuitive Wellbeing Counselor. If you wish to discuss your personal situation and gain insight towards your brighter future I’d love to assist you – from a completely unbiased, non-judgemental perspective!

Light the path on your journey – Healing begins with you!


About consciouslybirthing

Moon Manifesting Intuitive and Mentor, empowering women to harness their powers using the cycle of the Moon.

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  1. I thoink we may have potential synergies…

    • consciouslybirthing

      I think we just might Carla! The works you’re creating are remarkable, takes worlds of Faith in the Creator and you’ve proven that Will is so powerful!!

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