For those of you who know me, you know that ELEVEN is just about one of my favorite numbers! And tomorrow marks the first time in 99yrs (1910 was the last) that we will encounter the rare phenominal, auspiciousness of this master number!! (2+0+0+9=11)

So what does this all mean? Well if you aren’t familiar with numerology you might wanna brush up on your math. Numerology is very basic mathematics with incredible outcomes and meaning. In general, 11  is a wonderful time for creation or manifesting.

I’ve personally been intrigued (ok…more like obsessed) with 11/11 or 11:11 or just plain old 11 since my father’s ‘passing’ in 2003 on November 11th. I never saw eleven the same way.

I began to see it as a serendipitous, melodic flow of life. It would appear on digital clocks, on signs, in messages, even in shadows (if I was delirious enough LOL). Basically, it consumed me and it still continues to. Not in a negative way, 11/11 has been a number of positive changes and growth for me and many others.

Since it is a power (master) number it also has very confusing energies attached as well. Master numbers are highly charged with productive, potential in turn creating inner tension for the manifestor. It can be used for destruction, rebirth and such. All in all, it’s a cycle.

Eleven is a great number for using your intuitive abilities as well, being considered the psychic’s number. I can remember like yesterday the day of my father’s death, there were signs pointing to the soon-coming change but I ignored them. (I mean really, I don’t think anyone at that age would equate their chest pains to the pains of someone who lived over 20miles away!)

Gaining insight can greatly enhance life’s quality! You will begin to acquire you desires, set goals and obtain them, and life a more SPIRITUALLY fulfilled existence.

Now “there is no one way to get to God”, in other words, you can find what methods work best for you for receiving insight but these are just a few examples:

  1. Begin by centering yourself. Clearing your mind through some form of meditation will help to eliminate mental chatter. You can’t possibly decipher chatter from insight. That’s why mediation is key! 
  2. Then, ground yourself through visualization. When you enter into the ethers, essentially you are no longer on solid ground. It is pertinent to keep your base rooted so that you’re not out of balance. 
  3. Once you’ve cleared your thoughts it’s important to raise your vibration in order to receive intuitive insight. That can be accomplish through simple intention or breathwork. Here’s a proven technique: Inhale for 4counts, hold 4counts, exhale 8counts, repeat 4-5 times. 
  4. Then you want to open your chakras! Chakras are how we receive extra sensory perceptions or ESP. I’m an empath/feeler (clairsentient) and psychic (claircognizant) and receive most information via my 2nd and 7th chakras (although I implement the 4 Clairs in everyday life and intuitive consultations). Clairaudients (hearing intuitives) get their info via their throat chakra, clairvoyants (seer) work with their 3rd eye chakra and claircognizants (clear knowing) download info via the crown chakra. We all have psychic abilities that need to be honed so practicing with opening chakras is a wonderful technique to finding and fine-tuning your abilities. Chakras can be opened by visualizing them expanding outside of your being. Imagine them spinning clockwise in vivid colors corresponding with each chakra.
  5. Lastly state your intention. What is it you wish to gain insight towards? Become clear on your question or concern and verbalize it. (You can mentally verbalize as well, some feel that if the vibration actually is given via words then it is more potent. Either way, thought vibrates, find what works for you!)

After you’ve cleared the chatter, grounded and vibrated higher, you’re now ready to receive. Now the fun begins!!! Just sit and let the information come through! It’s really that simple. Let it come through without analyzing. Take notice of the feelings you have while receiving. What visions are you seeing? What words are you hearing? What do you just ‘know’??


Now that you’ve tapped into your intuition, use tomorrow’s positive energies for grasping what it is that you truly wish to manifest in the next coming weeks and months. Visualize your desires, document them and feel the flow of positive emotions that accompanies acquiring your goals.

Tomorrow’s energy will only increase up until November 29th, 2010 (remember.. 2+9=11) so take the few weeks to really become clear on what it is you wish to see come into fruition!!!

If you are in need of aid, pointers, guidance I am here to help. My Intuitive Arts Services are available to anyone that may feel they are ready to take that next step in their spiritual path of growth. If Spirit tells you, act on it!

Happy Manifesting!! 11-11-11

Consciously Birthing 2009                jessica11eleven [at] yahoo [dot] com


I am an Intuitive Wellbeing Counselor. If you wish to speak with me about your personal situation and gain insight towards your brighter future I’d love to assist you – from a completely unbiased, non-judgemental perspective!

Light the path on your journey – Healing begins with you!


About consciouslybirthing

Moon Manifesting Intuitive and Mentor, empowering women to harness their powers using the cycle of the Moon.

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