Celebrating Samhain

all hallows eve

Samhain, or better known as Halloween (or Hallowed Evening) is one of the most acknowledged, yet misinterpreted, holidays celebrated in the world. The origin of the name Samhain (pronounced sau-an — I know…weird!) is Celtic, but commemorating death has been a tradition for many indigenous and modern-day cultures. What’s even more fun about Samhain in particular is performing ritual work — honoring those who have transitioned to another plane of existence.

Ritual work can be anything that you chose but it’s helpful to take the days leading up to Samhain to coordinate your work. The holiday spans three days depending on cultural background — celebration can begin October 31st or October 29.

Samhain has never been for dealing with evil conjuring, worship of negative spirits or such as many religions would like to believe. I’m sure there are people who prefer to use the mysticism of October 31st for such reasons but the origin is truly heart-felt. Marking the end of summer/beginning of winter, it is believed to be a time when the ‘veil of consciousness’ is thought to be thinned, allowing communication with the dead to be heightened.  

What ever your personal belief may be we all have loved ones who have left this physical realm, if nothing else, why not take the day to send deep thoughts of love to their spirits. Not to say that Halloween is the only day in which you can communicate or even honor the dead, obviously any day of the year can be auspicious if you allow it.

I’m particularly excited to conjure up my own little ‘couldron’ of esoteric goodies! To sit around a fire and feel the energies meandering this earthly realm.  With the holiday taking place in exactly one week that gives me (and you too ;)) plenty of time to ponder the importance of ritual work and get to plotting!

Happy Halloween!


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Remember to always protect your Being from lower vibrations with some form of invocation whether it be prayer, crystals, etc. Research, find and apply the methods that work best for you!


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