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Hello! and good day, Namaste, Shalom, Hotep to all who grace the Consciously Birthing pages! Every week I like to post about an item that I’m particularly fond of — simply titled “Item of the Week!”. The items posted each week are related to wellbeing, pregnancy, spirituality, eco-living or something along those lines, and I’m always open to an item that you’ve had great success with as well!

This week’s item is called a Tea Bath sachet. They’re perfect for those who love to submerge their body into a soothing bath after a long day. Tea Baths have been used for centuries, providing much relaxation to sore and achy muscles.

Rising Sun Emporium specializes in the study, consumption, education and distribution of herbal remedies so it’s no surprise; they offer Tea Baths as well! RSE‘s Tea Bath concoctions are made with 100% organic dried herb and 100% organic cotton muslin cloth ‘steepers’.

The way they work is very simple: Take a pot (2-3 cups) of stove topped boiled water (microwaved water will not be beneficial, but that’s another blog in itself) , remove from heat and drop in the Tea Bath, steep for several minutes, add to bath water.

See! That was easy!

Tea Baths are a great way to benefit from the herbs healing properties, soaking directly into your skin and to your blood stream (also aroma-therapeutic!). They can be used for relaxation, stress relief, antifungal, respiratory and reproductive health just to name a few.

Rising Sun Emporium has quite a few Tea Baths to choose from, all with different healing properties. RSE will even whip up a special batch for YOU depending on your specific health needs!

Got a bad case of cramps? Try the ginger-dandelion-nettle-chamomile mix, it will stimulate blood flow while soothing your womb; providing immediate relief. Having trouble producing adequate breast milk supply? There’s a fenugreek-alfalfa-nettle-raspberry Tea Bath. This herbal mix will give your body proper nutrients while boosting milk supply and they’re definitely safe for baby too!

Each Tea Bath is packed with evenly distributed dried herbs and placed in a drawstringed muslin cloth bag. You can use them up to two times but the bag is completely REUSABLE! — just compost the herbs and wash your cloth bag. Simply reorder the Tea Bath mixture once you’re ready for another luxurious bathing experience.

RSE offers a variety of bags and since they come in set of 2 they’re only $11! For both Tea Baths! Once you’ve experienced a Tea Bath experience you’ll be hooked. It’s positively one of the most natural ways to pamper and heal yourself.

Happy Bathing!

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