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As I scrolled through my recent posts I realized I have neglected my duties to inform you readers of the all-important ‘Item of the Week’.  I’ve been so busy getting inventory ready for Rising Sun Emporium that I’ve missed out on my own consumer report. This weeks item is all about hair (and skin) care and is PERFECT for people with natural hair.

*If your hair is chemically treated you will probably benefit more than anyone to use this product as it will nourish what the chemicals strip from your hair.

Natural hair is a term used for hair that is free from any sort of chemical – whether it be straightening or dye. I’m sure you’ve seen people with natural hair in your everyday surroundings – unless you live in Podunk (if you do this blog entry might bring you up-to-date on some of your fellow citizen’s ‘dos). Some of the most common forms of wearing natural hair are dreads or locs, twisties or plaits and my favorite, the ‘fro. Personally, I’ve tried an afro but found that locs are a lot more manageable for my fragile hair and disdain for high-maintenance – LOL.

Now, maintaining natural hair can be a full-time job on it’s own — you have to moisturize it more often than you’d think and certainly shampoo it more often that anyone thinks. Over the years, I’ve used several moisturizing agents from raw shea butter to olive or coconut oil and none of them have given me exactly what my hair type needs.

Shea butter can be a tad heavy for my scalp and follicles leaving a thick, chalky residue at the root. Olive and coconut oils tend to sit on my hair and not soak in at all and I find myself having to apply almost daily. Then I flashed back to the days when I did rock a mini-‘fro and it dawned on me — Nature’s Blessings!
the best hair care!
Nature’s Blessings is a 100% eau’ natural hair pomade. Don’t be mislead by the dark green, greasy texture — it sort of reminds me of when I did have chemically straightened hair and used to use petroleum hair ‘grease’ for maintenance.

NB pomade is packed with a plethora of hair rejuvenating ingredients to help your hair grow strong and healthy — Rosemary, Nettle, Peppermint, Olive and Coconut oil, Sage and Sage oil, Alfalfa, Thyme, Chlorophyll (from Nettle AND Spinach) and Bergamot! And with all these goodies inside it doubles as a wonderful skin moisturizer.

If you checked out my entry from yesterday you’d know that most of these herbs and oils are great for killing bacteria and fungus while promoting a healthy atmosphere, leaving hair and follicles feeling stimulated!

I started reusing this miracle product a couple weeks ago and have already noticed a difference in shine and texture – I haven’t had to apply daily and my new growth is so much softer.

So I’d recommend getting your hands on a tub of this good stuff. And at under $5/ jar (depending on region) you REALLY won’t be disappointed! 

Ok..I think I’ve done enough talking about it.. I’ve gotta go twist my ‘nappy’ now.


Happy and Nappy

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  1. lawrence "L" ward

    first time on the consciously birthing site & this information is heaven sent for those of us who want the best out of the natural medicines&remedies thank you “J” for being in tune with the universe& helping the enlighten the darkside…… “1 LUV” {*_`} ~~

  2. consciouslybirthing

    thx for the love Lawrence! whenever you’re ready for some good ole intuitive wellness work..i’m here! best wishes. i pray your family is doing well =)

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