Doula Days – It’s all about You (Not Me)

It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood, a beautiful day…  I thought I’d post a quickie since it’s been a few days (I try not to work the weekends — haha).

So over the weekend my guy and I ran around town as we usually do; shopping here, eating there, seeing fam — you know. We stopped at his sister house that afternoon and to our surprise she wasn’t there and left one of her dogs aimlessly roaming around the place.

Oh I felt so sad for Papi. He’s a short-haired male chihuahua who’s spoiled (or at least used to be) like a rotten apple =) Papi used to have the world in his little paw, well he still does in my eyes, until Murphy the super obedient pup came into the picture about a year or so ago.

*Side note – me and his sis share the same name (fun!) and she’s about to pop out a baby girl any day now!!

SO since soon to be mommy wasn’t home and poor lil Pop-Pop was looking quite distraught that HE, of all people, was left home alone, we decided to swoop him up and take him home with us. But not before checking out her spankin’ new nursery!

As I walked towards the door I could see pastel green on the walls in the softest hue with beautiful window treatment and a crib and bassinet and changing table and… It was immaculate!  And then ‘it’ hit me: “I’m gonna be this WOMAN’s labor support!”

I had contemplated being her doula since around the time we found out she was preggers but I was very fresh in the birthing field (as I still am) and feeling a bit… shall we say — unconfident. I didn’t want to impose or assume (Daddy has a lot of his own wishes) so I let time play its role.  We discussed her hospital birth plan and me being the earthy ‘granola’ chic I am I felt — infuriated.

Then I had to get over myself and realize: This is a part of the everyday birthing world. You can’t save everyone, you can’t change anyone. Do your best as a support to birthing women and EXPERIENCE the moment for what it is – BIRTH!

So NOW more than ever in her nine months of pure morning sickness, sensitive sense of smell, ever-growing breasts, food craving pregnancy I feel up to the job of aiding this beautiful Goddess with the birth of her first child.

This is HER birth NOT mine and I’m honored to even have a supporting role!

Consciously Birthing 2009                  jessica11eleven [at] yahoo [dot] com  


Even dogs love yoga: Papi looking quite content, doing the down-facing dog LOL! I him.



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  1. I’ve been a doula for over 10 years and can remember like yesterday my first doula job. It can be frightening but you have to give love and support more than what you may be taught thru your institution. Best wishes J!

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