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Hello Consciously Birthing readers! I’m really glad and honored that you guys take time out of your busy days to check out lil’ ole Jess and the confines of her logic! LOL!

Well today is the first day of October. Can you believe it?! I surely can. Well not really…

Anyway, I’ve been extremely busy and for those of you who check up on the blog regularly, you’re well aware that I am no longer corporate-bound and am venturing deep into the realms of …dun dun dun! SELF-EMPLOYMENT!!

So the past week has been super busy to the point that I’ve already taken a day off from my ventures. (Well yesterday the moon was ‘void of course’ which is an excellent day to spend on Spiritual Wellbeing more than monetary gain).

Aside from educating myself in the Natural Birthing field, I also have a deep fascination with other things which I’ll get into at some point but for now I wanna touch on my other creative love, jewelry making.

Anyone who knows me personally has commented on my long, graceful fingers and up until a few years ago I was extremely self-conscious (more like insecure — imagine for a second Diva Plavalaguna’s fingers from The 5th Element) of their appearance — for everyone around me had either medium or short blunt fingers, with nicely manicured tips.

And of course, I tried fitting in at some point; spent my little part time gig money on acrylics only to find that they were irritating and quite restrictive to my everyday movements.

Eventually, I threw in that towel to find myself here at 26yrs and loving every bit of my fingers. My hands are conduits of energy. They emit love and healing warmth. God made them this way for a reason!

One of those reasons is to CREATE! I love creating. Colorful fantasy acrylic artwork, pencil and pen drawings and sketches, mushroom and fairie sculptures and most of all JEWELRY! I’ve recently decided to make a jewelry line for the Rising Sun Emporium. If you’re not familiar with RSE check out the older post.

The line will include handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, and such made from natural findings – silk, hemp, glass, copper, brass and gemstones. Here is a look at one of the first pieces. It’s a silk necklace w/ copper accents, brass clasp and glass centerpieces — and matching earrings!! Here are a few pix!

I personally love this piece and the combination of vivid, earthy colors. Copper is a great energy conductor and who ever wears this necklace is sure to get noticed! I’ll be making similar necklaces throughout the week so check back for the newest of the Rising Sun Emporium Jewelry Collection



If you’re interested in ordering this specific piece email me @ jessica11eleven [at] yahoo [dot] com I also do custom jewelry as well so send me your idea! I’d love to bring it into fruition!!


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Moon Manifesting Intuitive and Mentor, empowering women to harness their powers using the cycle of the Moon.

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