Intuitive Wellness vs The MD



What do we know about Intuition? How about Intuitive Wellness?? Why is it that so many people have given up their power away to the hands of a PRACTICING PRACTITIONER!?

You know you have the inherent power to define, right? You possess the know-how to HEAL yourself… Do you recognize and utilize these gifts? I guess I should clue you in to where these off the wall inquiries stem from.

Yesterday I received an email about a 14yr old European female who lost her life due to the HPV vaccine. It  infruiated me because A: regardless if that child has decided to express herself sexually at that young age her parents had to have consented which means they are probably okay with or in denial of their  daughters sexual relations and B: before putting their daughter’s life into someone else’s hands they obviously did not educate themselves on this trending, UNNECESSARY vaccination.

I’ve found that a lot of mothers are vaccinating their daughters and the only logical reason for this would be fear driven decision and lack of discernment.

The reason I say these things is because if you actually take the time to LISTEN to your body SPEAK, you will HEAR and FEEL what’s in disarray. You can literally feel your cells. Pain is a form of communicating as well; even if you’re not experiencing discomfort you can feel your body’s communication signals.

So this leads me to ask.. Why would you put unnecessary chemicals into your bloodstream allowing for something extreme to occur? Vaccines are the very illness that you’re wanting to prevent. And more times often that not you will find yourself ill after exposure. (‘They’ say it’s to build immunity but if my ‘discernment’ serves me right I’d have to say that immunity requires forward movement NOT backtracking — Giving someone an illness regardless of the form is backtracking! — Homeopathy uses a similar technique and may be desirable to those who prefer the vaccination process.)

From a Goddess perspective these invasive procedures are often times more harmful than helpful and can cause a lot more complications in the future (i.e. cesareans, hysterectomy, IUD’s, etc). 

Everyone has a story to tell and has their personal reasons for undergoing whatever medical procedure they’ve indured but it saddens me when I know people who are in physical pain and discomfort or experience death because of lack of discernment, intuition and possibly just good old faith. It really is as simple as talking to your body to get a clearer picture.

Take back the Power that is Yours!!! Please educate yourself on naturopathic remedies before you give your personal wellbeing to a stranger. Watching the news statistics on Wellbeing is not only inaccurate but it’s fear-based. Since when is Human Papilloma Virus something that could actually kill you. SERIOUSLY!   Use your gut, your intuition — NOT ONLY your logic.

Natural health is of great importance because if you don’t care for your body, what makes you think a medical doctor really will!? They’d be 0utta job if they were employed to get us all well.


Consciously Birthing 2009               jessica11eleven [at] yahoo [dot] com


Check out this great book on Intuitive Wellness by Laura Alden Kamm


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