Supercalifragalistic, Superfetation!

Upon waking this morning I got to meditating on my dreams from the night. I tried to recall the details of the parallel existence I ventured and the only thing I could remember was ______ NOTHING.

Not exactly that exciting. But I did find some cool news once I logged into my Yahoo! account. The first thing to pop on the screen was “Pregnant woman pregnant again”. Normally I discourage the engagement of reading these superfluous headlines but I had to investigate this one…

An Arkansas family found out they had conceived again 2 1/2weeks after conceiving the first time — and they’re not twins!! See for yourself. Watch the vid on Yahoo! 

Miracle or mishap??!

The proper term for this occurrence is Superfetation. It’s when a woman who has already conceived will fertilize another egg within 24 days of the first. According to medical experts and gynecologists these are not fraternal twins. They are indeed two separate pregnancies taking place several weeks apart.

As long as the first baby can wait out the 40-42 weeks gestation period, allowing the second fetus a chance to near full term as well (38-40wks), there can be a happy ending.

Superfetation usually happens to rodents, fish and farm animals with only a handful of recorded cases in humans.

And certain religions view this phenomena as taboo — stating that you should either refrain from copulation until post-natal or use contraception.

Whether it’s Karmically divine or just a case of wild hormones is entirely up to the individual — not man made doctrine.  But if I add my 2¢…. I think it’s an interesting situation that only happens if it’s meant to. I can only see Good, Love and Light coming from a ‘superfetatous’ pregnancy and pray for the best for this family.  

Wanna know something even more superb about these super achievers? With the pregnancies taking place 2 1/2 weeks apart one fetus has an expected due date of late 2009 and the other January 2010! How super!! 


Find out more information about Superfetation on the web or even contact your local birthing centers and hospitals with inquiries.  

Leave YOUR comments!! What do you think about SUPERFETATION??



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  1. very interesting

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