Conscious Conception Theory

So the past week has been a blast and after being ‘labor support’ for my lover’s ventures (AoI comic), I think it’s time I get back to my own works.

Over a period of 7yrs or so conception has been on my brain — not just sitting on my brain but marinating and oozing through it. I thought, NOW would be the time to introduce what I call the Conscious Conception Theory.


Now, for those of you who have already been blessed with fertilizing your egg or two… CONGRATS!! For those families that are finding it quite tumultuous to get a postitive result or even maintain conception, I pray this blog entry will find you in Love and Light!

Conscious Conception has 3 key points: MindBody… And Soul.

These three things are EVERYTHING that our Earthly existence is based on! And in order to bring another Being (especially an Elevated one) into this plane it’s necessary to have Awareness of all three.

Don’t get me wrong, there are those lucky women who are fertile myrtles and can procreate at the drop of a pair of trousers LOL — (we salute you!) But we all know the days of getting pregnant just to be pregnant are long gone. The Conscious Conception Theory is for those who desire to Birth Souls of Power and Might. Souls of Change. Souls of Goddess. Souls of God. Because how else will we manifest Evolution??


Consciously Birthing‘s Conscious Conception Theory presents an opportunity for women to connect with themselves on a level that only God knows. It’s a way for you and I to look within, feel our Being at a cellular level (per se) and manipulate matter to work in our favor.

Conception starts with a mindstate that it conducive to love, reproduction, harmony, etc. You must know that you are capable of carrying Life’s source within your body.

Conception continues through maintaining postitivity in the majority (really all) of your actions and thoughts. Having a positive outlook on small things will undoubtedly cross over to all aspects of your life, eventually.

There is also aid for men as well, because they actually make up 50% of the reason why some women will not conceive. At times it’s a combination of both. Let’s together discuss your subconscious fears about the process of conception, pregnancy, birth & parenting and Co-create Peace for him and your family.


Conscious Conception Theory really IS that simple!! It’s not about medical intervention to aid in conception — it’s about taking back the power which is INNATELY yours and putting it in your hands.. and your senses, your organs, you body — for that matter.

Together we will analyze the cause of your mis-conception and begin to integrate the theory’s intricacies into your new lifestyle.

For you visual learners check out this vid!!  Water Consciousness It’s sums up the main points of my theory very well.


I hope to be a source of your new found glory! and am available for distance or in person consultation. Feel free to email with any questions:  jessica11eleven [at] yahoo [dot] com                                                                 


 Co-Creatively Birthing One ‘Baby’ Step At A Time

Consciously Birthing 2009


About consciouslybirthing

Moon Manifesting Intuitive and Mentor, empowering women to harness their powers using the cycle of the Moon.

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