Age of Illumination

The evening of September 16th, 2009 will be forever remembered by aspiring artists in the St. Louis area! Like-minded individuals from around the metro area came to support local celebrities — hip-hop artist Teflon Poetix, illustrator Benjamin Sawyer and mini mogul Nzrh Randall.

It was the launch of Nzrh’s first issue of the much anticipated Age of Illumination comic. Of course I had to be there to show support to one of the most talented individuals I know personally (hehe).


The event was quite pleasing to the senses with live music presented by local DJ Spec, a wine bar compliments of the guys and a plethora of comics to choose from thanks to Star Clipper. 

Age of Illumination stole the night with over 800 people in and out of the venue for the 3hr window! That’s pretty impressive considering this ain’t no Comic-Con –LOL! (Speaking of Comic-Con, be sure to check for Age of Illumination @ Comic-Con 2010!!)

And guess what else.. they sold every single copy! I knew the event would be a success but it was incredible to see it in action.

So be sure to get your very own copy (mine’s autographed *wink*) of Age of Illumination Issue #1 at Star Clipper in the University City Loop or Ujamaa Books in the Mangrove area (Tower Grove and Manchester).


Interested in knowing the details of the comic? Check out their RiverFront Times article here.

Get Age of Illumination in YOUR store or city!! Call 314 941 5945



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