Item of the Week!

Happy Sunday!

I thought I’d start this week off with the (dun dun dun…) — Item of the Week!

This week’s local artist hails from good ole St. Louis, MO (my stomping grounds!) and goes by the name of Nicholas ‘Nzrh’ Randall. He’s the creator of the upcoming comic book ‘Age of Illumination’.

Randall enlisted the help of artist Benjamin Sawyer to create the ‘gritty’ look. “I didn’t want it to look clean and sharp like regular comics like Captain America.” Sawyer goes on to clarify, “No line is clean, it’s a painterly, watercolor style — something a little more artistic than the typical comic book to reel people in who don’t usually read comics.”

The inspiration for the comic comes form Nzrh’s many years of researching, studying and applying Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) culture and history. He feels modern day society could learn a thing or two from the elevated, ancient civilization. “It’s more high-thinking, but simple, living,” he explains. “Being guided by the spirit versus materialistic things.”

People who’ve influenced Randall’s life in some way make their debut in the first comic bringing depth and drama to the plot. There’s even an ancient symbol gracing the pages of the book!


I’m not an avid reader of comics but the plot for Age of Illumination is action-packed, filled with historic references and intriguing personalities; I couldn’t put it down. SERIOUSLY! I can’t help but wonder what the next issue will be about!! 

The comics first issue is due for release on Wednesday, September 16 at Star Clipper Comics in the University City Loop, with the release party starting at 6p.

Come! Meet the creators, ‘characters’  and fanatics, get your first copy of the comic and mingle with one of the most diverse, talented communities in St. Louis.   


View the guys in their RiverFront Times article here.

Find Age of Illumination on Myspace – AND Facebook – Nzrh Randall

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