Item of the Week!

WOW! It’s Friday, already?? That was fast!

Had a very productive week; started my childbirth education course, visited my mother, took an hour long walk to my usual hang out spot (Govinda’s) and even woke up at 6AM! Well – more like 6:27AM (I’m SO NOT a morning person.)

So before I head BACK to bed, LOL, I thought I’d indulge in a bit of shopping with my ‘Item of the Week’.

This weeks item is called Black Soap. Don’t be fooled by the name because pure, raw Black Soap is actually brown not black! It’s also known as African Black Soap, Anago and a few other names depending on origin.

Black Soap hails from Africa; usually Ghana but known to be imitated by others. It has a fresh, light scent – free of dyes, parabens and unnatural chemicals, leaving your skin feeling clean AND smooth. It has several benefits such as clears acne and scars, moisturizes dry skin types while balancing oily skin, repairs damaged skin cells and follicles. It’s rich in iron, Vitamins A & E and also includes shea butter, one of the highest natural fatty contents available on Earth providing the ultimate UV protection.

Pure Black Soap has a multi-tonal, earthy color scheme with pieces of brown, tan & black and has an interestingly, bumpy texture. What’s even cooler about this soap is it’s multi-purposed as well *wink*. You can even wash your hair! *double wink* It’s great for dryer skin but really anyone can benefit from the healing properties of  Black Soap (it may even help prevent those stretch marks you soon-to-be moms are bound to encounter). The lather is rich and foamy, making for a fun rub a dub-dub — wish I had a rubber ducky.

You can find the soap in a few forms, raw being the purest. And starting off at about $5/bar or a few bucks more per pound (I spent $15 for 1 lb. from Rising Sun Emporium Support Local!!) it’s an awesome organic deal.

Simply break off a chunk and lather!




Consciously Birthing 2009               jessica11eleven [at] yahoo [dot] com



For more details or to purchase your portion of Raw Black Soap check out:

Rising Sun Emporium @ 314 941 5945 (St. Louis)

A Lil Common Scents @  (Phoenix)

Fatihah World @ (New York)

Nasaab @ (Texas)






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