The Herbalists

Hello readers! Some of you may wonder, “What has that Consciously Birthing lady been up to?”. Well inquire no more.

As you may all know by now Consciously Birthing is in the business of self-love, growth and expression and most importantly EDUCATION! Through educating others, I too am experiencing mental, spiritual expansion.

I’m constantly asking questions about our existence and this body that we inhabit is quite the enigma. I’m either inquiring about Body, Mind, Spirit or Universal Law on a continual basis. About a year and a half ago I began really familiarizing myself with the much ignored (wait for it…) — HERB!

Which herb you ask. Well any herb, of course! Herbs are God’s gift to man, animal, amphibian and insect (hope I didn’t forget anyone *wink*) and it is our responsibility to utilize them wisely and informatively. Two years ago Consciously Birthing was introduced to a small business by the name of Rising Sun Emporium located in St.Louis, MO and that changed the way I viewed plants forever. Rising Sun spends 85% of their time researching, experimenting, diagnosing and even CURING with herbs. (And only the other 15 is spent selling!!)


Now, they are by no means medical doctors but our bodies are in no way meant to be synthetically medicated! ..Trip off that.

The Rising Sun crew are, however, Herbalists and make it a point to study up on every herb encountered, test it on themselves first, analyze the benefits/side effects and report to the public. Many herbs come in different forms and most, if not all, parts of the herb can be used (i.e. stems, bark, seed, etc). They can even be made into powders which can be fun for producing concoctions.

During pregnancy there are several herbs that should be avoided, Rising Sun can help you better understand your options.


So.. You wanna know what sort of ailments you can alleviate yourself from, huh? Well… for starters, Eucalyptusleaf is a very simple aid for coughs and cold. Steep and sip on this for a few days to break up the mucus and you’ll breath easy in no time. Gotta have a shot of vodka every night? Well, you might wanna add Milk Thistle seeds to your diet. Chewing these babies will help protect the liver from toxic substances lessening your chances of cirrhosis. Or maybe your anemia is leaving your hands and feet frigid cold. Worry no more, Ginger root’s healing properties are known to increase blood circulation while aiding in digestion.


It’s a mystery why one would be interested in putting foreign synthetic chemicals into their body. I understand their are situations that require immediate action but it is also common knowledge that medication not only causes long term damage to cells regeneration and function but they fail to treat the root of any ailment. Now, just like with any other regime, integrating regular use of herbs into your diet isn’t enough to ward off diabetes, high blood pressure, constipation or any dis-ease. You must be conscious to treat your body well in all aspects: stay hydrated, exercise, relax, laugh! Your body, mind and soul will thank you in your twenties and respect you in your nineties.


Rising Sun Emporium offers free over the phone consultations 7 days a week from 10:00a – 10p CST. To speak with an Herbalist Practitioner contact Rising Sun Emporium @ 314 941 5945 or 602 501 9981.  You can also find Rising Sun Emporium in the University City Loop in St. Louis, Missouri at the Loop Corridor (across from the St. Louis Bread Co.) Saturdays @ 9am. Come learn a bit about herbs and making your own organic teas! 


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Sew a seed: Make a Free Will Offering. Every dollar donated to Consciously Birthing goes to forming FREE CB workshops, educating pregnant teens on the importance of Birthing their babies Naturally. Your offering will be returned 10 fold. Email for details. Thank You!


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