Allowing the Moment

Good day!

Today I went to have lunch at my usual ‘hang out’ spot, Govinda’s in CWE, and as I was enjoying the mutual exchange amongst other Spiritual Beings, I found myself in quite a blissful state. It one of several recent ‘in the moment’ type of moments that I’ve been experiencing. I was taking in the pleasure of the foods, aromas, sounds, sights, Being to Being.. EVERYTHING. It was truly serene.

It can be difficult to center yourself or focus on Positivity when your daily, mundane existence constantly serves as a not-so-pleasant (I’m not there but I’m getting there) reminder, but I know it is possible and EVEN easier than we imagine. Being present has so many long term benefits; not to mention instant results. It’ll surely help you get over that ‘I’m not there but I’m getting there’ mentality! 

Sometimes it takes a ‘breaking point’ to finally submit, sometimes not. Personally, I was at my wits-end when I eventually succumed and it has transformed me into the work in progress  that I am. For some, it could be as simple as pressing the power button (with practice you’ll get there too *wink*); since we all move at our own speeds it is not necessary (nor wise) to look at someone elses experience and compare.

What is important is that, individually, we Allow. Allow ourselves the pleasure of every moment. Allow your life to be a Journey. Allow others to enjoy theirs. Allow good to penetrate your Being. Allow yourself to Manifest dreams. Allow emotions to move through and beyond you. Allow matter to be manipulated for your advancement. Allow your Truth to be Elevated. Allow your Reality to be altered. ALLOW.

Don’t you just love how foreign words look and sound once you’ve repeated them over and over and over!

But seriously.. Allowing yourself AND others to Experience is one of the best gifts imaginable. Allowing is non-judgemental. It’s Presence, letting-go and letting God, Manna, Safety net, Faith, [insert your own description!]. Allowing is an art form that, in order to Elevate, has to be practiced and maintained.  

Being present and allowance are one-in-the-same yet two separate entities. Wouldn’t you agree?

So next time you’re standing in that incredibly long line and wishing something elsewere taking place at that moment, realize that You have the Power to make something else take place. Do what you will with every moment by acknowledging Presence and Allowing it’s existence.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it!


Spiritual Peace and Many Blessings!


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Moon Manifesting Intuitive and Mentor, empowering women to harness their powers using the cycle of the Moon.

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