Item of the Week!

It’s PAYDAY! So you know what that means… more money in EVERYONE’s pockets (hopefully). And what better way to spend your money than to support a local artist??!!

The first artist featured for ‘Item of the Week’  is Adrianna Guerra, owner and operator of MamAmor ( I stumbled upon this fabulous site – via the school I’m obtaining certification through, Childbirth International.  Move over Build-A-Bear because you’ve got some competition! Adrianna creates these incredibly detailed ‘ragdolls’ from scratch. And if that wasn’t convincing enough check out the price tag. Starting at roughly 120 USD/doll; they’re essentially the Donald Trump of ragdolls. 

The dolls are “hand-crafted, pregnant, birthing and breastfeeding mamas, made with a lot of love and attention to detail. MamAmor dolls are very unique and like real mamas, they are all different.” – A. Guerra

And to top that off, the dolls also have accessories! My fave is the cute, earthy green, hawaiian print-inspired baby sling. Oh so precious =) The accessories cost extra but definitely worth the 10 bucks.  She can also custom make a doll for you. Now, how exciting is that?


With the attention to detail and personalization options, these dolls  appear to be a perfect gift for an expectant mother. Better believe I’m saving my pennies so I can splurge on a couple of these one-of-a-kind pieces (got quite a few pregnant friends this year). 


Happy Spending!


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  1. Love the rag dolls.

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