The Yoga Fad

This weekend I took quite the detour… worked my day job, ate heavy foods, didnt exercise.. use your imagination. It’s easy to get out of routine over the weekends especially if you’re not living a completely devoted lifestyle like living in a temple or ashram. It takes dedication to your self to not give in to the many temptations.  Nevertheless, it happens, and when it does you gotta pick up where ya left off.

One of the many ways I find pleasure in re-routing my course is through Yoga. Now, yoga has become an increasingly popular form of exercise, relaxation and… monetary gain, at least here in the West. But Yoga, more than anything, is a way of life – that many overlook.

The Yoga practice has been around for thousands of years with the earliest forms originating in Africa! What is now known as Ancient Egypt; heiroglyphic walls depict men and women doing yoga formations or asanas. However, present day Vedic culture has transformed this union of body and mind and taken it to new heights.


Seasoned Yogis partake in ALL aspects of Yoga such as Devotional Love, Meditation, Selfless Action, Wisdom and Tantra. Learning the basics of each discipline can take some time but you’ll notice how well each blends  into ONE Divine practice.

Some are turned off by the ‘rigidity’ of discipline but it’s truly for the greater good of mankind and one’s self to engage in any form of disciplinary action. Yoga is not a religion, it simply means to unite body and Consciousness. Through daily application of the disciplines the Consciousness experiences expansion, growth and Highest Self which inevitably will develop and hone your innate God-given abilities while increasing your flexibility. Now, that’s a plus. *wink*

So… I’m not claiming exemption here obviously but I realize the benefits reaped from practicing ALL aspects of Yoga. With that said, I’m making a pact with myself to engage in AT LEAST ONE of each discipline daily. It’s actually easier than it sounds and surely a lot more rewarding that it appears!!





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