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Hello and WELCOME to the 1st WordPress blog =)  A few of you may be AO transients and we’d like to Thank YOU for taking time to view our new blog! (And hopefully follow *wink wink*)

In these times of constant Evolution and Growth it seemed quite necessary to make a Positive adjustment; one that would build a name, image and most importantly a family.

Consciously Birthing is, first and foremost, a way to educate expectant mothers, TTC (trying to conceive) and post-natal families, on several methods (i.e.  Natural Birthing options, Breastfeeding, Diet, Attachment Parenting, etc.) they can utilize while entering different stages during their Birth process.  

Birthing is more than an end to pregnancy, it is also a renewal of the Soul. Consciously Birthing is here to Co-Creatively nurture families throughout their journey of re-birthing themselves.

Secondly, the information offered can be used for anyone. Whether you have a Passion for pregnancy or just want to learn something new; the knowledge is here for all to share! So please don’t click the back button just because you’re not preggers LOL, anyone will benefit from what the blog provides.

With that said, Yes, Consciously Birthing is all about Evolution and the Upliftment of Mankinds Collective Consciousness because the Evolution starts with you! It starts right in the womb. It starts miles (or months) before conception. 

So please, check back often as updates will be readily available. And feel free to comment, question, concern or give positive feedback. All are appreciated! =)




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Moon Manifesting Intuitive and Mentor, empowering women to harness their powers using the cycle of the Moon.

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