Religion vs Universal Law

Have you ever taken a moment to really consider what truly should governs your actions? Meaning.. If we weren’t to ever be told the difference in right and wrong, not based on morality, but more along the lines of innate ability, how would one go about making their decisions? If a government per se or a religion wasn’t spoon feeding us premeditated nonsense we juuuuust might function as a Harmonious entity would.

What’s the answer to such a delusional existence? Universal Law, my friend! ‘What exactly is Universal Law’, you ask? Universal Law is what governs us as Beings and ensures that we continue to live in tuned with the Law. In other words, we take care of the Law and the Law will take care of us.

Everything has balance. There exist yin and yang aspects in everything that exists. We all have masculine and feminine qualities in within us. Not difficult to understand considering how an embryo comes into fruition. Or take eating for instance: the necessary balance must happen to maintain optimal health or else cellular malnourishment will occur in either case of carrying eccess weight or starvation. We’ve all heard the expression ‘all work and no play’! All who have tried this method are soon after found with mental, physical or emotional illnesses. That ideology works well for their institution but Universal Law reasons us time and time again. We Beings need balance to stay alive.

Universal Law has nothing to do with WHAT is ACCEPTED on a national or worldly level but everything to do with ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Some fear the word Truth out of dislike for religion and I must reiterate that Universal Law is 100% counter Religion. It doesn’t say, “Wake up at 3am. Say my name 109 times as you face the East and wear only white while kneeling and..” . These rules of religion are just pieces of a large puzzle. They’re people who sought to have a connection with this Universal Entity we call God and learned the ways that made them feel this connection. Now, in KNOWING these methods of worship worked for them, they in turn claim it’s THE WAY to Universal Entity or God. Well thank you for your participation, but I think I would rather find what naturally suits me.

Not to say that we shouldn’t dabble in religious affairs; gaining an understanding of what other cultures or individuals do to ‘get close’ can help expand upon your already practiced methods. But always understand that Universal Law wants you to be you! Be who you are RIGHTfully (as supposed to wrongfully – lol) meant to be. Serve your planet, in doing so you will serve everyone, including YOURSELF! Be a light unto all!

Remember to Be The Change! because the first step actually starts with YOU! What does Universal Law mean to you?? Questions? Comments? Concerns? Declarations? Email me!! ;o


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Moon Manifesting Intuitive and Mentor, empowering women to harness their powers using the cycle of the Moon.

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