New World Order? Be the Change

Have you ever taken a moment to really think about what life is all about? What is in store for you at the end of this journey? Why have I been given these talents and gifts that are truly unique to me? How can I be an aid to better one’s situation? Am I living a balanced life in harmony with my Truth?? What is my Truth???

These questions are valid and absolutely necessary to ask especially if you wish to see change occur in this world. In this day and age we have lost our sense of Being, of true harmony with our connection to the rhythms of nature. And as we come into this new paradigm it is imperative that we realize that we all play a role in the grand scheme of things; it is time to play your part!

After much deliberation and intense thought about how to aid people in elevating during this paradigm shift, it has come to my attention that we must all begin to take a new direction in all facets of life. Below I have listed a few ways that we can all come together as people and bring about the change we would like to see in Our New World.

Like Attracts Like

Who is the company in which you keep? What are these people standing for? We have to ask ourselves, “Are we working towards a common goal to better ourselves?”. The importance of this question will save you time once you truly consider who you share your time with. Reality is relative; therefore position yourself to be in the presence of higher consciousness at all times that way you can ALL work towards higher ground!

Coach was right, there is no I in TEAM

We humans tend to be self-centered, independent, competition-driven creatures, but there’s a time and place for egoic ways to run the show. As we approach the New Age we will need to rely on one another more than ever. Who are your resources? What can I learn from these individuals? What will I bring to the table? Self-sufficiency will ensure that we only rely on those who share a common goal. Start networking to find others who have made steps toward living a self-reliant lifestyle. It takes a village, so start building NOW!

Idle time is the devil’s workshop

Mother always warned of idly using time and it usually goes through one ear… But our mother’s were always right. For best results, idle time should be spent productively. Next time you’ve got a few hours to ‘kill’ (time can’t be killed but we’ll get into that another date) ask yourself a few questions: What new skills have I always wanted to learn? How can I enhance the ones I already possess? How can I be of assistance to bettering ‘the cause’? Many often take time for serving themselves materially, but what about spiritually? You should feed your soul nourishing food-for-thought daily. And don’t forget about your neighbor; they could probably use a hand today as well =) There are twenty-four long hours
in everyday, divide your time evenly to make for a balanced, harmonious day of self-love and devotion.

These are just a few appetizers to get everyone’s palate ready! There will be plenty of information ahead in the next coming weeks, months and years. This is a Movement that will survive the test of time. We ask that all who wish to contact us with questions and concerns please do!! We love hearing new opinions and requests. Hey, we dig a whole new way of thinking!

originally posted @ on January 18,2009


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Moon Manifesting Intuitive and Mentor, empowering women to harness their powers using the cycle of the Moon.

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